TamCast (Pod and Videocast)

Tami Larson, Founder of Mount Tam Media & Mill Valley Living and Dennis Strazulo, Founder of Marin Artist Management and host of “The Women Are Smarter” podcast series (TAMCASTS)

Mount Tam Media is an (R)evolutionary community hub bringing people together by curating the collective intelligence of brilliant minds with different perspectives. We are creating new pathways and the space where alternative thinking can reside and solutions to old and new issues can thrive. Our TamCasts will be both video and audio and span a plethora of topics geared toward unboxing our thinking so we can regenerate, and discover the unlimited resources when we learn to think more spherically.

Listen to our inaugural podcast, “The Women Are Smarter”  at http://www.mttammedia.com, youtube and Apple podcasts at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-women-are-smarter/id1641217193 as we explore the journeys of inspirational women in the music and film industry and other owned and/or operated businesses and non-profits, as their upward empowerment trajectory hits a crossroads with Roe v Wade.