I’ve always been extremely inquisitive. Starting at a very young age and sparing no one in my quest for answers along the way, I’ve at one point or another, driven everyone in my life bonkers, including myself when having to answer my own questions.

Simple answers have always led to just more questions and those answers to ideas, journal entries, and long, philosophical conversations.

My journal entries began when I was about 7 years old. Writing became my best friend and confidante during tough times. I’ve moved over 20 times with the first big one at age 3. I’ve used poetry as a tool to unload and make sense of my emotions and have file cabinets full of ideas and stories, some of which have been monetized by others.  

With so much curiosity, it made perfect sense that I chose Journalism as my major in college. But like so many others, I took a job immediately out of school with the intention of it being temporary. Thirty years later and on an entirely different path, my work history consisted of spending years helping others achieve their dreams and trying desperately to fit into a male-dominated corporate America. Instead of loving what I do, I found myself still feeling the  “Sunday Blues” before heading into a new work week. 

They say when you reach the point in your life when you can’t wait to wake up so you can start working, don’t like weekends because it’s hard to reach people, and wish sleep was a luxury versus a requirement, most likely you’ve found your life’s work and purpose. After raising two amazing and spirited children as a working, single mom, in the winter of 2019, that point finally arrived for me. I was beyond ready and incredibly grateful.

It was a close friend who brought the life altering opportunity to take on the Publisher role for a local community magazine to my attention. However, In order to make it happen, I would first need to abandon my consulting firm and steady income, then convince local companies to sponsor my idea with no prior publishing experience. The odds were certainly not in my favor.  Six months later while in the middle of an interview for what would become the first feature story of Mill Valley Living magazine, and my first published piece of work, I realized it was Sunday. It was Sunday and the “Sunday Blues” were nowhere to be found.  Rather, Monday morning couldn’t come too soon. It meant I could get out in my community, ask questions, tell more stories and discover ways to bring our community together while inspiring others to do the same.   

I recently determined my unwavering decision to always be true to myself, to remain inquisitive about virtually everything and fearless when necessary, provided the essential foundation to finally build my dream company. Two years into this work, we have a remarkable team at Mt Tam Media, and I feel so blessed that my passion and life’s work can be boldly expressed in our tagline:  “EXPLORE. UNITE. INSPIRE. SERVE” 

Our Mission

Based at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California, “MountTam Media” inspired by the mountain’s legend, “The Sleeping Lady”,   is putting a new spin on “Community”. Our mission is to encourage our residents to Explore, Unite, Inspire and Serve, ultimately creating a unique living tapestry weaved together via the community coming together. 

Our monthly, local publication, Mill Valley Living, focuses exclusively on the city of Mill Valley with the centerpiece of every issue being a feature story about a local resident or family. To keep the community engaged, our team is on an endless expedition of Exploring the rich, nostalgic history, while meeting and collecting stories from long-time residents and enthusiastic newcomers. Our loyal readers look forward to receiving their issue the first week of every month to see who from their community is being featured. More often than not, it’s a fellow community member who brings the feature story ideas to our attention.

February 2021 marks our publication’s one year anniversary and with it, a true sense of Unity beginning to form amongst our loyal readers. Over the past year we’ve received such Inspiring feedback. Our residents are hungry for more and excited to share stories of their own. It seems the more intimate knowledge we discover and share about Mill Valley, the more engaged, passionate and eager to Serve the community our residents become. 

Many local business owners who’ve kept our publication in print via generous sponsorships, are currently struggling to keep their own doors open. A shift to Digital Marketing campaigns is now in order to stay connected with customers and the community in general. Our recent partnership with Cight Solutions gives MountTamMedia the opportunity to assist by offering a full suite of Digital Marketing services to meet the requirements necessary to successfully make these challenging transitions. MountTamTalks” monthly podcasts launching May 1st 2021 will provide residents of Marin with an educational, entertaining and often unexpected experience as special guest moderators interview past and present residents from all corners of Marin county.