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For the LOVE of Mill Valley

Meet Joshua Deitch
By Alexandra Fee

It is no secret that charisma is a trait many successful people share. Upon meeting Joshua (“Josh”) Deitch, it took little time for Mill Valley Living to recognize his magnetism and well-rounded persona. Outwardly friendly with an approachable demeanor, Josh’s thirst for knowledge, dedication to his craft and devotion to his community were immediately evident as he discussed his expertise in Mill Valley real estate with humility. Those who’ve met or know Josh, attempt to explain what makes him so different and exceptional to be around. This all became apparent the first few minutes of our interview. Even while wearing a mask, we could see that he was smiling through his eyes as he revealed his passion for Mill Valley, its residents and businesses. His passion for real estate in Mill Valley is conveyed through his impressive #1 status over the last four consecutive years while currently ranked one of the top Real Estate producers in Marin County. Perhaps more impressive is Josh’s highly respected standing in our community—ranging from his clients, peers and friends, to the baristas at Equator Coffee and random strangers he passes on Mill Valley’s streets.

Josh grew up in New York City and later Florida, eventually attending University of South Florida in Tampa. Standing 6’4”, he was kicked off his high school basketball team every year as the ski slopes never failed to beckon him over the winter holiday breaks. In college, though, Josh persisted as an avid recreational basketball player and was recruited at his local rec center to play professional basketball in Israel. He played abroad for a full season, a phenomenal experience he cherishes to this day. Read more

Photography by Laura Reoch,
September-Days Photography
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Smithcover-683x1024.jpgThe Future is BRIGHT
Meet Caitlin & Olivia Smith
2020 brought the promise of a great new decade and year, and with it, Covid-19 . It undoubtedly changed the world and placed us all in the center of countless history books to come. But, like so many other difficult times in history, there is a wisdom that rises from the ashes, from the tragedy and isolation.
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In the words of Charlie Brown, happiness is…Ed Bogas and Désirée Goyette…a perfect equation of happiness built on a foundation of love, music, passion and community.
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