Mt Tam Media is putting a new spin on “community”. We believe by Exploring that which is within one’s reach first, Unification, is inevitable. The more we learn about our own community, the more Inspired we are to passionately Serve the world around us.

Mt Tam Media “What’s Coming” 

Mount Tam Media will be the ultimate Community Hub covering all things about the people and communities that make up and surround our majestic Mt .Tamalpais. It will be complete with behind the scenes video of local concerts, sporting and other events,as well as podcasts with special, fascinating local residents. Our sports section will cover interesting stories across all genres of sports with a special section on youth sports not found anywhere else. Finally, our wellness section will provide original content on mental health, aging and other important topics not being talked about or covered enough.

Mt Tamalpais is central to an array of interesting towns, people, history and culture.  We believe there’s so much more to uncover than what we’re used to reading about, so we will continue to dig deep as we have with our local magazine, Mill Valley Living. Our goal is to deliver content that truly resonates with our lifelong Marin residents, while also helping educate the future residents about interesting facts and history that might assist them in gaining a better appreciation of why Marin truly is a magical place to live.  Ultimately, our goal is to foster a more cohesive, respectful relationship between the old and new – which seem to be merging at an accelerated rate -whilst also providing fresh, new content that’s long overdue. Explore. Unite. Inspire. Serve

 “Participation Hub” 

This special section will be where local residents can enter to win contests each month, read our blog, subscribe and get involved. 

  1. Contest for best Photography/Art/Stories/video that are relative to Mount Tam and its surrounding communities. Winners will have their art or content highlighted on the front page of the corresponding section ie.,  “photo of the month” on home “Art page” and also entered to win a grand prize at the end of the year. 
  2. Blog:  “Tales from the sleeping Lady”.. History
  3. Give Back:  A list of philanthropic ways to give back 
  4. Hidden Gems: A selection of podcasts interviewing local residents that make up the Mt Tam community

Proof Lab

Meet Will Hutchison and Nate McCarthy

By Alexandra Fee

Proof Lab is no ordinary surf shop. In August of 2018, Surfer Magazine called out Mill Valley’s Proof Lab – the iconic surf and skate shop anchored in Tam Junction – a “beloved community hub and one of the country’s best surf shops” while posing the question, “Is this the most interesting surf shop in the world?”   

The Proof Lab compound is proof positive that a combination of passion, determination and commitment to community can lead to authentic brick and mortar success, even in today’s digital age. The Proof Lab compound encompasses various businesses under its master lease – complete with a surf and skate shop, an outdoor shop, a coffee shop, a restaurant and beer garden, music and art studios, a native plant nursery, a skate ramp and even an eco-conscious Bio Diesel fueling station. This month, Mill Valley Living is stoked to unravel how Proof Lab co-founders, Will Hutchison and Nate McCarthy went from making surf videos and t-shirts, to creating a genuine, “community hub” for Mill Valley residents. But their overall vision and objectives stretch way beyond their retail operations. Will and Nate are also dedicated advocates of sustainability, the environment, education and giving back.  Read more

Photo by Jack Wolford

The Hardiek Azzi Family

As we gear up to watch the Tokyo Olympic Games, and in honor of the Olympic spirit, Mill Valley Living is excited to be featuring the Hardiek Azzi family: Jennifer Lynn Azzi – a 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist in Women’s Basketball and current Associate Vice President, Development at University of San Francisco – and her wife, Blair Hardiek, also a former collegiate basketball player and current Global Technical Director for the NBA. Read more
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is May2021_main-cover-photo.jpg POURING THEIR “ART” OUT IN MILL VALLEY
Donna Seager & Suzanne Gray

Beginning with Susan Cummins Gallery and Robert Green Fine Arts who paved the way as the first original art galleries, Mill Valley has emerged as a bonafide destination for fine art with its exceptional art galleries. Seager/Gray has now been joined by Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery’s relocation here from San Francisco and most recently, Emebet Korn with Desta Gallery, originally in San  Anselmo. Read more
What is Functional Medicine?
Covid-19 has pushed wellness from a luxurious indulgence to a must-have. As the world broke through the astounding milestone of 100 million known Covid-19 cases, wellness no longer is seen as a ‘nice-to-have’, but rather a ‘must-have’. Read more
Judi ShilsQueen of Green Judi Shils. Her Path to Turning Green
April 22, 2021 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement, Earth Day which provided a voice for the emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet 51 years ago. Read more

The Jaime Clark Band
If you happened to be walking or biking between downtown Mill Valley and the Blithedale Park on a Saturday afternoon last month, you likely stopped in your tracks to identify the pleasing music emanating from Miller Grove – a magical slice of forest nestled alongside Arroyo Corte Madera Creek. Read more
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cover-only-893x1024.jpgThe B-Side — Beyond the Stage
Meet the Hagars
The impact of rock and roll is far-reaching, and often instrumental in raising social consciousness and awareness. It also acts as a rallying cry to bring people together for a cause, evoking powerful feelings and emotions. Accordingly, some rock musicians do so much more than just entertain.
Read more
For the LOVE of Mill Valley
Meet Joshua Deitch
It is no secret that charisma is a trait many successful people share. Upon meeting Joshua (“Josh”) Deitch, it took little time for Mill Valley Living to recognize his magnetism and well-rounded persona. Read more
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Smithcover-683x1024.jpgThe Future is BRIGHT
Meet Caitlin & Olivia Smith
2020 brought the promise of a great new decade and year, and with it, Covid-19 . It undoubtedly changed the world and placed us all in the center of countless history books to come. But, like so many other difficult times in history, there is a wisdom that rises from the ashes, from the tragedy and isolation. Read more

In the words of Charlie Brown, happiness is…Ed Bogas and Désirée Goyette…a perfect equation of happiness built on a foundation of love, music, passion and community. Read more

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