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Queen of Green Judi Shils. Her Path to Turning Green.

By Alexandra Fee

April 22, 2021 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement, Earth Day which provided a voice for the emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet 51 years ago. Now in 2021, when our world’s youth see they can directly affect small and large scale change, they are likely to carry this strong sense of responsibility, purpose and stewardship inspired from the original Earth Day into a global framework of their fellow youth. 

16 years ago, Mill Valley resident Judi Shils’ passion and life’s purpose fortuitously intersected when she brought to life an eco-conscious organization of her own, Turning Green. Judi’s original mission evolved around the concept of equipping students around the world with knowledge, resources and tools to transition their own conventional mindsets and practices to an overall environmentally conscious lifestyle. What started as inspiring local students to realize their own influence by sparking exploration, discovery and action has created a phenomenal ripple effect. Today via changemaking collaboration with academic institutions, corporations, non-profits, media partners, policy makers and global leaders, Turning Green has empowered students in 50 states, 118 countries and 12,175 college campuses with over 23 million social media impressions to date.

As Turning Green’s Executive Director, Judi leads its valiant effort to encompass a wide spectrum of eco-conscious advocacy but for 25 years prior to launching Turning Green, she  enjoyed a groundbreaking career in television production as an Emmy Award winning television producer with ABC Sports, FOX and Oxygen networks. Read more

Judi Shils
Photography by Laura Reoch,
September-Days Photography
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