Mt Tam Media is putting a new spin on “community”. We believe by Exploring that which is within one’s reach first, Unification, is inevitable. The more we learn about our own community, the more Inspired we are to passionately Serve the world around us.

Mount Tam MEDIA will be an Evolutionary Community Hub. Get ready for an adventure and join us on an exploration to uncover some of the best kept secrets about the people, communities and history that make up and surround the majestic, mysterious and powerful Mt .Tamalpais. It is our belief that Mt Tam, aka, “The Sleeping Lady”, is a major source of inspiration to the residents living at its base and assisted on some level in producing some extraordinary, innovative and fascinating alternative perspectives.  We will therefore be capturing these stories as we start delivering weekly, video and podcasts (TAMCASTS) reflecting what we consider to be views from the “other side of the mountain” on otherwise familiar topics. Our hub will deliver to our loyal viewers, new streams of consciousness such as HEALTH-redefined, GREEN-living room, HIGH TECH-low down MEDIA-caught on tape, SPORTS- unplugged and more (r)Evolutionary TAM Titans

Our Mission: Continue to explore and deliver content and stories that inspire us to get out of our boxes and start thinking more spherically. As a very wise man once said to me, “ We are all we’ve got”. Ultimately, by fostering a more cohesive, respectful relationship with the old and new, pondering innovative and long overdue thought provoking ideas and perspectives, we can finally unite, evolve and become more passionate about ourselves, one another and our planet. And with every new perspective ignited, Mount Tam Media will provide a plethora of resources to assist those eager to join the (r)Evolution.

 “Participation Hub” 

This special section will be where local residents can enter to win contests each month, read our blog, subscribe to our newsletter and give back and get involved. 

  1. Contest for best Photography/Art/Stories/video that are relative to Mount Tam and its surrounding communities. Winners will have their art or content highlighted on the front page of the corresponding section ie., “photo of the month” on home page and also entered to win a grand prize at the end of the year. 
  2. Blog:  Wish you were spHERE-“Out of the box”
  3. TamVault:  A list of local charities with links to donate and a plethora of resources to help guide you in the (r)Evolution

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